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What are Instant Apps and what are their advantages?

In 2017, Google announced the new trend in the world of mobile applications: Instant Apps or Instant Apps.

Instant Applications promise benefits for developers and users: faster, safer, and easier-to-find applications. This type of application starts up in just a few seconds and allows the user to try the application without installing it, saving space and installation time.

Instant Apps are integrated into the Play Store with a "Try now" button. So when you run into the Play Store and find an app that has a button that allows you to experiment without installing, you should know that it's the complete application running on Cloud instead of your smartphone.

Google's goal is that in the future, all applications will be available in the Instant App version and download version and that the user can choose which one to use.

Instant Applications combine the speed of a web application with the design and functionality of a native application, freeing up space and allowing developers to segment application-specific features and sections.

Google claims that any smartphone is prepared to run such applications. You often do not even know you're using an Instant App, but most Instant Apps include a link to download the full app at the top of the screen. Using an Instant Application is similar to navigating a web page. After closing the window, the application disappears.

This technology is the first step to a future in which the screens of our mobile phones will not be congested with application icons. This option is now available for hundreds of applications and games.

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