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Why does your company need ERP software?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a management solution that companies use to help them with their expansion strategies.

All large organizations use ERP software to manage their processes, from project management, logistics, accounting, sales, etc.

A good ERP software solution, supported by a centralized database, eliminates duplication of information and tasks. An ERP tailored to your needs is an even greater ally as it will meet the specific needs of your organization.

An effective ERP solution provides indicators on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for example, by allowing you to channel resources more efficiently to the sales force.

In general terms, the biggest advantages of ERP software for companies are:

  • Integration of data into a single system: All information and processes are stored on the same site. This allows all departments to perform tasks related to the business processes using the same information.


  • Modern and complete solution: The cost of updating custom software can be very high, especially at a time when technology quickly becomes obsolete. An ERP software is a modern and integrated solution, being more practical to opt for this kind of solution.


  • Processes are facilitated: the whole organization of the company is rethought after the implementation of an ERP system because this software allows evaluating what is or is not efficient.


  • Fast response to customers

ERP users can access all the communication made with the client so that they have a global view of the entire process from the first contact. Thus, if a customer asks for a problem resolution, the team can quickly check the status of that process, check if there are other outstanding issues, set priorities, etc.

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