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Zalox's team ventured into a Surf class

Intending to counter summer that stubbornly fails to arrive in force, Zalox’s team decided to venture out on a different afternoon!

So we chose to go surfing with Surfing Life Club in Matosinhos. For almost everyone, it was a debut, only Francisco and João already had a few years of experience of practising water sports.

So, last Monday afternoon we met at Matosinhos beach, where Surfing Life Club’s team promptly received us. They gave us each a wetsuit and board.

It was time to head to the seashore and receive the necessary directions. We learned to get up on the surfboard and warm up the muscles in our arms, which we would "miss" after almost two hours of paddling.

Then it was time to get on the board and catch the first waves! With the precious help of the three instructors who accompanied us and whom we have to thank for the sympathy and availability, we caught some waves during almost two hours of class.

The sea and the weather helped in a perfect afternoon of sports together. We would love to repeat in the future! Once again we thank Surfing Life Club for helping us have such a productive and fun afternoon as a team!

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