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The journey of buying a technological product or service

For technology companies, the process of creating a technology product goes through several stages.

However, consumers of these products also have to go through several steps we call the "buying journey". In this article, we cover the various stages of the journey of buying a technology product and how having a solid marketing strategy can help close more business.

Understanding the process of the purchase journey is essential to provide a good experience to the potential customer, communicating at the right moments the content and information you need. There are four key phases in the purchase journey of a technology product or service:

1. Learning and Discovery

At an early stage, the customer has not yet realized that he has a problem, being only interested in a certain subject. In the Learning and Discovery phase, the customer looks for information about solutions for their market segment, or topics that interest them. At present, it is up to the technology company to present itself as a benchmark in the market, proving to be a specialist in the field.

2. Recognition of the Problem

In the second phase, the customer acknowledges that he has a problem or something to improve. The company must continue to provide information to the potential customer, specifically focusing on solutions to the identified problem.

3. Solution Assessment

Once you realize and identify your problem, the customer will actively seek out a solution and select the best option for you. At this point, the company must present itself as the effective solution to the problem. Try to present cases of success, as they are a way to present, in a practical way, good results obtained with other customers using the product / service you are trying to sell.

4. Buying decision

The customer evaluated the options that were presented to him and decided that his solution is the best. At this stage, the marketing team directs the customer to the sales department, schedules meetings, demonstrates and creates a sense of urgency with limited campaigns and promotions, which can help close the sale.

After the four phases of the shopping journey, work begins in earnest. The client needs to stay motivated and be satisfied with the service provided, increasing the likelihood of recommending it to others and returning to their services.

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