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How to use Live on your company's Instagram?

If you use Instagram, you've probably seen some of the people you follow going "Live".

This instagram feature, widely used by digital influencers and brands, also exists on other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and consists of transmitting a video in real time. To make a “Live”, just open the camera tool in the app and select the "Live" option to start streaming live. To finish your direct, just click "finish".

Instagram notifies your followers when you start a Live video, so they can accompany you in real time, interacting through comments, likes, etc. The maximum duration of a Live is one hour. Instagram also allows you to make the Live video available for 24 hours, by publishing it in the Insta story.

But what makes this resource an attractive Digital Marketing tool for brands? There are several factors.

First, Instagram users like to interact with each other and with the brands they follow.Try to tell a story with a classic narrative line - beginning, middle, end - that draws your followers and causes them to interact with you. The interaction has to come from both parties, ie it is not enough for your followers to communicate with you. While making a direct be aware of the reactions of users, ask questions and have the speed to respond at the right time.

Another attractive feature of Instagram Direct is how flexible it is. This resource can be used for clarification sessions, product launches, sharing of the production process of a product, among others. Plan ahead. Doing a direct on Instagram can be scary because there are no second chances, it is not possible to re-record a video. Get a clear and organized idea of ​​the content that your direct will have.

Instagram also allows you to filter comments. If you prefer to avoid inappropriate comments, you can enable comment moderation.This is mainly recommended to do if it is a brand with lots of interaction. Just open Instagram settings, and select "Hide offensive comments," also allowing you to add custom keywords that you do not want to appear in comments.

Be patient. It is possible that initially your views have quite low numbers, but over time the interest will arise. In any case, get the most out of your direct.

If you have not started using Instagram Direct now is the time. This feature is an excellent opportunity to catch the attention of your followers.

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