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The free image banks that all marketers must know

Images are essential elements for an effective Digital Marketing strategy, especially if your company bets on Content Marketing.

Regardless of the channel through which you communicate - social media, blog, company website, etc. - the use of visual content requires some care, especially with regard to copyright. As so, images must be carefully chosen according to the content developed and the audience with whom it communicates. 

In this article, we've selected the best free image banks to use in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Unsplash (

Founded 4 years ago as a simple Tumblr blog, Unsplash has become a leading photography community in the industry. On this site all images are completely free and have no restrictions on use. You may copy, edit, and distribute them for commercial or personal use

2. FreePik (

Freepik offers more than one million free features, from photos, icons and vectors. Here you can find great content to use for personal and business projects.  

3. Free Images (

Free stock image, images, royalty free photo, stock photos, stock photograph, stock photographs, picture, pictures, In some cases, it may be necessary to notify the artist of the use of the image and give credit. Just register on the site to download an image.

4. Pixabay (

Pixabay allows for a differentiated search for photos, illustrations, vectors and videos. At Pixabay, users find and can contribute to royalty-free, quality images.

5. Wikimedia Commons (

Website that follows a similar model to Wikipedia and that makes available more than 39 million images. However, not all are available for commercial use which requires you to carefully read the description of each image.

6. StockSnap (

StockSnap is a site full of free high quality images. All photos uploaded to StockSnap are released for free on Creative Commons - CC0 and do not require attribution and can be used for any purpose.

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