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The importance of Facebook Instant Articles

If you use Facebook and often consume content online, such as news and articles, you may have already clicked on some article that directed to another site.

Although Facebook is increasingly adapting to the reality of the mobile, it is inevitable to have to wait a few seconds until the site or blog fully loads.

Thinking about this problem, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg introduced Instant Articles. Instant Articles addresses the problem of site load times, allowing users to consume content faster. According to Facebook, Instant Articles load 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles.

When they are shared, Facebook's Instant Articles are always seen in this format by the people who click on that content.

For content producers who typically share content on Facebook directly from their blogs and websites, this technology may have drawbacks, as users who read content do not visit your page, but rather Facebook's Instant Articles platform. Still, these hits can be accounted by using tools like Google Analytics, which also reviews Instant Articles.

Facebook also states that instant articles are 20% more read when compared to articles shared from other sites and that there is a 70% less chance that the reader will leave the article.

Facebook's Instant Articles are available to any content producer, anywhere in the world.

If you consider Facebook's Articles to be a good option for your brand, try this technology and leave us your opinion on this Facebook solution.

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