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Why is your company not getting traffic on social media

In a time when social media seem to be at the heart of companies' Digital Marketing strategies, it can be quite frustrating not to receive the expected return.

There are several reasons why your brand is not receiving traffic on social networks. In this article, we cover the key factors that can affect your traffic:

1. Your pages are not active or have no presence

There is nothing worse for potential customers than looking up a company's pages on social media and finding an empty, blank profile. Equally bad is when aq page has links that do not work or direct to dubious websites. The first rule for getting traffic on social media is to have active and up-to-date pages.

2. You are not using your time to create unique content for your site or blog

Having unique and interesting content is the most effective way to drive traffic to your site. Each new post on your blog is a new gateway to the website. While the remaining pages of websites (about us, services, etc.) usually stay the same for a long time, the blog, if fed, is constantly updated. Not only can people find your articles when they search the search engines, as the followers of your social media pages can and will share interesting and new content.

3. You are not on the right social networks

Each social network is different and has its own rules and audience. The social networks in which you must be present are the networks where your customers are. Would you put a billboard on a street where no one passes? So why bet on social networks in which your customers do not spend time? Analyze your audience and your spending habits and reflect on the social networks your business is on.

4. Your content does not interest your customers

It can be as simple as that: you are exploring topics that are not of interest to your client or potential client. Put yourself in the position of your buyer personas and think about the content you would like to consume.

5. Does not encourage User Generated Content

Content generated by the user is crucial. Not only does it add credibility to your brand, it also has a higher reach and a higher level of engagement, creating a close relationship and trust with your real customers. Encourage your followers to share content with your brand hashtag or product.

Following all these advice, you will see that the traffic on your social media pages will be much higher than what you experience at this time. Implement these changes and give us your feedback!

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