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Technology at the service of sustainability

One of the current world’s growing concerns is the environment, namely the problem of global warming  global warming.

Citizens are increasingly worried about ecological sustainability, seeking to take preservation attitudes of the well-being of our planet.

The growing consumer demand relative to the sustainability values of brands, has promoted along with technological companies the search for ecological alternatives for their services and products.

An example of this is the Natick project developed by Microsoft. This project investigates the viability of subsea datacenters fuelled by the renewable energy offshore.

In the first phase of this project, it was put a prototype - Leona Philpot - on the coast of California and, after many successful tests, this has been removed from the water for analysis and retrofit.

In the second phase, Naval Group was in charge of the conception, fabrication and deployment of the new equipment. In 2018, they have proceeded to the deployment of the datacenter on the Scottish islands, in Scotland, previously built and tested in French. Being the datacenters near the coastal towns, the information would be quickly obtained.

Another sustainable technology project is Masdar, the prototype city near Abu Dhabi. This city, with streets oriented for the maximum use of the shadow and wind, has much lower temperatures than the rest of the country. There are also solar panels installed at the top of the city, so that they can create shadow in the streets. In this sort of experimental laboratory there will not be necessary having a private transportation, neither public transportation as we commonly see. There will be, replacing it, transportation for 4 people with automatic driving.

Like these, a lot of projects are and will be developed on behalf of the benefit of the environment. We are witnessing the appearance of a new sustainable technological era, which hopefully will be soon massively put in practice.

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