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Outbound Marketing: to what extent Marketing becomes to be intrusive and how to prevent this?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company, since it contributes for the promotion of its services and products, as well as develops a positive image of the brand.

The Marketing concept is considerably wide, existing several aspects and techniques that can be adopted for the promotion of a brand, product or service, according to its target audience, channels it uses, etc.

One of the strategies that can be opted is Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing is characterised by the active prospection, which means the identification of the wishes and characteristics of the target audience previously defined and subsequent direct intervention with him. It is a strategy known for its quick results, however it can be intrusive.

Outbound Marketing opposes Inbound Marketing, in the sense that this last translates as the identification of the target audience’s characteristics, whose approach is indirectly done by means of campaigns that attract the customers. In turn Outbound Marketing is directly aimed at the audience, for example, through door-to-door sales or calls where a representative of sales or a marketing professional approaches someone without knowing if that person is a qualified lead.

This way, Outbound Marketing has its advantages, although it can become a little intrusive, invading the privacy of the potential customer. The definition of intrusive depends, however, on the individual, wherefore it’s not easy to delimit to what extent a Marketing strategy invades someone’s privacy.

However, there are some behaviours that generally aren’t socially well accepted. Between them it can be some Outbound marketing actions while excessive or too frequent. 

Phone calls or continuous messages as a way of promotion of a product are also generally considered invasive.

To understand in which way your advertising campaign can be invasive, get to know your target audience’s characteristics, put yourself in the place of the receiver of the message and think if you would consider an action intrusive of your privacy.


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