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What is Telework and how to be productive

With the situation faced by many countries all over the world nowadays, as a consequence of the new Coronavirus, a lot of workers have been forced to resort to full-time telework.

Teleworking means to work outside of the company (from home, for example), using technology for communication. This situation, new for thousands of Portuguese, can reveal unknown challenges. As so, today we leave you some tips so that this new reality doesn’t make you less productive.

First of all, you should create a routine with similar habits to those you had before. This means taking a shower, getting dressed and ready as you usually do when going to your job. This way, the brain associates this routine to a work day.

Having a routine also means to create schedules and to plan your day in order to keep the levels of productivity, between work, meals, physical activity and leisure. Create a list of daily tasks that motivate you and guide you during every day of your week, even at the weekend. If you have children in your care, this can be an added value, in the sense that you can conjugate your schedules and enjoy the leisure moments together. This way, there’s less risk of being interrupted while they are playing. 

Build a home office. Organize a workplace in a little-used room, with all the utensils needed for your job, while preserving the comfort necessary for a productive day. Make sure that you have all that you need in this place, avoiding unnecessarily going to other compartments.

Keep in touch with your co-workers, regularly organizing team reunions (if it is the case). Discuss the realized tasks, the future tasks and the balance of the general and individual work.

To keep the rhythm, you must maintain the professional and leisure activities separated and reserve the calls and other occupations for the leisure time. If you mix both, you will end up losing the rhythm and the routine and it will be more difficult to maintain productivity.

Above all, keep a positive attitude. Don’t let the fear and insecurity influence your rhythm. Working from home can even become an advantage, not having to commute to your usual workplace, you have more time for other daily activities. Seek to maintain an organized and diversified routine and you will quickly adapt to this new situation!

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