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Snapchat launched Snap Publisher: online content creation tool

Snapchat is a social network created in 2011 that took the technology world of assault by offering an innovative format: sharing and sending instant messages, photos, and videos that disappear once they are seen.

Despite its success among the younger generation, Snapchat has had a hard time generating advertising revenue, lagging behind other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

To improve its advertising results, Snap Inc. recently launched its new ad creation platform, Snap Publisher.

To access Snap Publisher, the user must log in with the access data of his Snapchat account. Then you'll find a set of ready-to-use templates to create your ad, aligned with specific goals like "Attract traffic," "Get more views," and more. Once you've finished editing your ad, you only need to export it to the Ad Manager.

One of the bottlenecks to Snapchat advertising was the difficulty in creating ads since the app only allows vertical video, which forces companies to build exclusive campaigns instead of reusing ads that have been posted on other platforms. Snapchat is now finding a solution to this problem.

Snap Publisher allows advertisers to automatically convert any photo or video, including horizontal ones, into vertical ads. There is also the option to import videos and images directly from brand websites.

Users have found this tool very easy to use, and an excellent alternative to the costly and complicated video software required for the vertical video format required by Snapchat.

If your business still does not advertise on Snapchat, this is the opportunity to try it out!

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