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3 reasons why Facebook Groups may be excellent opportunities for your Marketing

With over one billion active monthly users, Groups have been a big bet for Facebook.

The social network says that more than 100 million people are members of so-called "very significant" groups, that is, groups that constitute the most important part of a user's experience on the social network.

As such, Groups provide an opportunity for companies to increase their reach in the world's largest social network, and are especially relevant in providing customer service and customer feedback, among others.

However, there are still many advantages that companies can take away from Groups that result from recent social media updates.

1. Pages can post in Groups

One of the most interesting recent updates from a Digital Marketing perspective is the possibility for Pages to post in Groups. Previously, only individual members could post to Groups, but now a Page can comment and interact within a group as a direct representative of your company.

This feature allows company pages to provide advice, assistance, and technical support to groups related to your industry. On the other hand, companies can also create their own groups and interact with users.

One of the most obvious benefits of brands having their own group is that they can control the content that is presented to their followers. However, it should be borne in mind that users do not access groups to be inundated with sales attempts, but rather to engage in interesting discussions and read news and industry updates.

2. Group Statistics

Facebook recently launched Group Stats, which provide similar data to those available to normal Pages. With this new feature, Group administrators can access demographic data about users in their group, check the schedule in which they are most active, etc.

3. News Feed Algorithm

As we all know, Facebook is constantly updating its News Feed algorithm. One of the effects of actively participating in groups is that the updates of these groups begin to be privileged relative to content of friends with whom the user does not interact as much. So if your business has a popular group with consistent content, it's likely that the content will start to appear more in the News Feed of the users of the group, causing them to begin to interact even more within the group.

As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook Groups in your Digital Marketing strategy on social networks. Be creative, they can be an excellent choice for your company.

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