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Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server or Cloud Dedicated Server: the best option for your company website

If your company has a website, someone certainly had to make several decisions regarding the choice of domain and hosting.

If you are thinking of changing the type of website hosting or are now taking the first steps in this field, this article will explain the various hosting options available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Choosing the best hosting will ensure that your website runs smoothly and that your online presence is constant. An inappropriate choice of server can lead to service failures, offline sites and the inability to communicate with customers and partners if you have, for example, email service in that hosting.

Here are three options for your website. At the time of decision, you should consider the type of features your website will need in the future.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is used by users who have sites with few resources. In this option, the site is hosted within a server shared with other clients. All features, such as memory, operating system, traffic, and disk space, are shared with the remaining sites hosted within that server.


  • Most economical option;

  • Maintenance and management simpler than other market options;


  • Limited resources. For this reason it is not recommended to sites with a lot of traffic;

  • If there is a computer attack on a shared hosting client, all other sites in the hosting may be affected;

  • If a customer's service is used for phishing or spam, the IP can go to a black list, affecting all sites that share the server.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server consists of a fully independent physical machine for a single client. This option allows a higher level of configuration, with possibility of choosing the amount of memory, processor, storage space, among others.


  • Good page loading speed

  • Allows higher site traffic

  • Not being shared, there is no risk of being affected by hacks directed at another client server

  • Much faster and stable service because it is an infrastructure that is fully optimized for a particular business.


  • More expensive than shared hosting. However, with the advent of new solutions it has become a very affordable solution for small businesses

Cloud Dedicated Server

A Cloud Dedicated Server is a virtually created server, where each account has access to part of the physical server resources in a dedicated way. A physical server can have multiple Cloud Dedicated Servers, each of these virtual servers working in a similar way to a dedicated server. Cloud Dedicated Servers are a good choice for those who need more resources.


  • Cloud Dedicated Server Service allows you to more specific settings;

  • Dedicated resources for the client, more disk space and memory;

  • More economical option than a dedicated server;

  • You can associate multiple Cloud features (Cloud is made up of multiple machines connected to the same system).

  • The Cloud infrastructure is much more secure and stable than any of the other hosting options.


  • Do not exist.

When deciding from one of these services you should take into consideration several variables, but above all look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the services and choose the one that best suits the size of your project, expected traffic to the site and Knowledge of accommodation management.

Many companies start by initially choosing a shared hosting and then migrate to a dedicated server or cloud dedicated server when they realize that they are consuming too much resources or this service no longer suits the features of the website.

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