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How to use hashtags in social media marketing?

An hashtag is a word preceded by a cardinal symbol (#), which acts as a metadata "tag" used in social networks and blogs, making it easy for the user to find posts with a certain theme or specific content.

Hashtags function as aggregator elements that allow us to search by that term and see what contents are indexed at that theme. The use of hashtags has become popular on Twitter and has since spread to other social networks.

The hashtags usually identify the subject of the publication in which they are inserted. Each term aggregator is transformed into a link that directs the user to a page that shows all publications whose contents are marked with the same hashtag. For example, if you write a tweet or a facebook post on the US presidential election and put the hashtag #donaldtrump, clicking this hashtag will target all publications that have used the same "tag."

Moreover, Twitter users have the habit of searching by hashtag directly in the search. The use of hashtags has become so widespread that in 2014 the Oxford English Dictionary added the term as a word.

In the context of Content Marketing, using hashtags can be a great way to realize what people and companies are commenting on and posting on a particular topic. Searching for hashtag makes it much easier to find content on this subject, or even detect others that are being used in this topic. For example, we noticed that there are more results for #trump than in our search for #donaldtrump. In the background, hashtags serve as monitoring of communication trends.

In this article, we discuss how your company can use hashtags in its digital communication and social marketing strategy. Three major uses for hashtags by companies are identified.

Content Hashtags

Firstly, you should always reflect on the hashtags you use in your social media publications. Using the right hashtags can be crucial if your content is to be found by other people who are interested in the subject and still do not follow your company page.

Thus, the choice of hashtags can play an essential role in the reach of your publications and increase the number of followers and potential customers. If you have published an article about Secure Internet on your company's Facebook page and used the #internet hashtag, other people who talk about or search for it can find your publication more easily.

Brand and Event Hashtags 

Another interesting use for this tool is the creation of a company own hashtag and hashtags for a specific event organized by your business. By monitoring the hashtag with your business name, you can see what users say about you or your products or services. In this way, you can identify the concerns of potential customers about your company's business area, as well as brand opinion.

You can also create hashtags for specific events. Large organizations like the Web Summit use hashtags to promote discussion about certain topics among followers.

Campaign Hashtags

You can also encourage your followers to share content with your company's hashtag to compete for promotions or prizes, for example. In return, your hashtag will have much more visibility. On the other hand, when people use hashtags created by a brand they are interacting directly with it, increasing the likelihood that they will become customers.

Since its first use in 2007 by US programmer Chris Messina, the hashtag has reached such a high level of membership and popularity that it has definitely become a new trend in social media communication. As such, it is extremely important that companies take advantage of this tool in their Digital Marketing and Communication.

If you have a brand with presence in social networks, this is undoubtedly a trend that should follow.

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