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Why you should have a website in Drupal

Drupal is a free and open source content management system written in PHP.

Drupal is known to be extremely flexible, adapting to the needs and goals of the client. As a customizable platform, it offers virtually unlimited potential thanks to the number of modules available and the ease of creating content and adding tools to the standard basic features.

Drupal is ideal for creating the dynamic web experiences that companies are currently looking for. This CMS allows the creation of responsive sites with applications that improve the experience of the visitors, regardless of the device in which they access the site.

Drupal offers thousands of free templates that adapt or replace the platform's standard look. The big disadvantage of using these templates is that, in many cases, it is not known by whom they were programmed and how they were programmed. This makes them susceptible to various problems, such as the possibility of containing malicious code. Using a team of professionals, it is possible to create a template exclusively yours. In this case, no page will have a design equal to yours.

We recommend that you use a company that will accompany you throughout the process and assist you in structuring the project. In this way, you can organize the content in the most appropriate way, with a design tailored to the project objectives and personalized programming. This service includes training in backoffice and configuration of tools like Google Analytics, SEO optimization and web page performance optimization.

Thanks to Drupal's flexibility and adaptability, a programmer can build sites that combine content and e-commerce.

Zalox develops fully configurable Drupal sites and delivers site control to customers. The Front-end (visual component of the site) is designed to provide the best visitor browsing experience, enhancing the conversion of that visit into one more business.

The sites developed by Zalox are responsive and fully compatible with mobile devices. We work with content management systems (CMS), including Joomla !, Wordpress and Drupal.

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