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Artificial Intelligence and ERP Software, how can they relate?

A few years ago, Artificial Intelligence seemed a product of fantasy and distant reality.

However, with the admirable advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence is now part of our daily lives, although sometimes it goes unnoticed.

In different sectors, Artificial Intelligence makes life easier for managers, allowing them to make faster and more informed decisions and more efficient management. That is, when applied to ERP systems, AI helps to amplify strategic visions.

The main goal of the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and ERP software is that management systems behave as human beings would, in less time and with fewer errors. An interesting application of AI in ERPs, for example, is that the system notifies the manager when a goal is reached or, on the other hand, when it detects an anomaly, allowing its immediate correction.

Currently, Artificial Intelligence is already widely used in chatbots.

By 2020, it is estimated that three Artificial Intelligence technologies are present in the ERP software: cognitive automation, intelligent automation and computer vision.

Taking into account the different applications and potential shown by Artificial Intelligence, all eyes are on this technology and on how it can help organizations achieve new goals with its benefits.


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