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Pinterest has new features for the visually impaired

Pinterest is a web application for PCs and mobile devices that is based on sharing images. If you use Pinterest, you should have noticed that some changes have recently been made to the application and site design, but you may not know that the changes are not aesthetic.

Pinterest's design changes are intended to improve the website’s accessibility to the visually impaired. When we speak of the visually impaired we refer not only to the blind but to a variety of problems related to vision, namely colour blindness.

Thus, Pinterest announced that in collaboration with Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, it conducted a series of tests with individuals with various levels and types of visual impairment. The objective was to understand more deeply the limitations of Pinterest and to identify possible improvements.

Pinterest employees also had the opportunity to experience firsthand the difficulties of visually impaired citizens when navigating Pinterest thanks to the use of special glasses that replicate the limitations of the visually impaired.

One of the changes made is the enhancement of the screen reader, which will help visually impaired creating accounts on the platform and navigation.

Another major change is the fact that the user interface now has greater colour contrasts to make the text more readable, especially for colour blind users. Active buttons and menus also have a new outline that makes it easy to identify which part of the site is in use.

Further enhancements in colour contrast sensitivity are facilitated by users with bright colour and low vision sensitivity.

Pinterest has also created an accessibility best practice manual for engineers and designers. All this is part of a Pinterest effort to be more inclusive for all.

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