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Does your business really need a mobile application?

Currently, Google Play and the App Store house millions of mobile applications, and every day new apps and updates are added.

The impressive number of apps that come up daily make us think about the importance of applications today, and why so many businesses, from the largest to the smallest, invest in mobile applications.

With the growth in the number of companies that develop apps, the offer is so great and the development so much easier that it seems that any local company has a mobile application.

Data from the TechCrunch website have determined, for example, that in the US consumers spend five hours a day using mobile devices. The same data points out that 92% of these hours are spent using mobile applications.

Although the development of a mobile application is easier than ever, it is still a significant financial investment, especially if you want to have maintenance service, technical support and updates.

So how do you know if your business needs a mobile application? There are some questions you can ask yourself to evaluate whether your business would benefit from an app:

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Before even considering the development of a mobile application it is essential to evaluate the performance of your website on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly design greatly enhances the mobile user experience and may be enough for your business.

If your business does not yet have a mobile-optimized site, this should be the first step to take before embarking on a mobile application development project.

Does the competition have mobile applications?

When considering whether or not to have a mobile application, it makes sense to evaluate what your competition is doing. If your direct competitors have mobile applications, it might be interesting to evaluate the features they've included and what would be most and least useful for your business. An excellent option will be to read the reviews of the users who have downloaded the applications of your competitors, which will give you valuable information for the architecture of your app.

This is an excellent opportunity to add features and fix bugs committed by your competitors, thereby providing a better experience for the public, which can put you ahead in the race for these customers. If, on the other hand, the competition does not have mobile applications, being the pioneer can bring advantages,

Will your application solve a customer problem?

Most successful mobile applications offer solutions to specific problems. If your business app does not offer any additional functionality in relation to your website, it will not be easy to show users their value. Reflect on your customers' issues and how you can solve them through your mobile application.

Having a mobile application can be extremely beneficial to a brand, especially at the level of company identity. Just having your logo on users' screens every day will make the customer retain more of your brand. However, for many companies, it may be a precipitous or even unnecessary step and will always be a significant investment. Carefully consider the need for your business to have a mobile application and make the best decision for your business strategy.

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