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October is European Cyber Security Month!

European Cyber ​​Security Month began yesterday, an annual European Union campaign in October across Europe.

The European Cyber ​​Security Month aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and to promote the security of citizens and organizations, including through education and the sharing of best practices.

The European Union believes that cyber security is everyone's responsibility and has highlighted simple measures that can be taken to protect personal, financial and/or professional data.

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the European Commission, DG CONNECT and a number of partners from different countries came together in a joint effort to implement various actions throughout the month of October.

Some of the goals of this year's edition are:

  • Promote citizens' awareness of cybersecurity in the framework of the EU Cyber ​​Security Strategy;

  • Generate specific awareness of network security;

  • Promote the safer use of the Internet for all users in the European Union;

  • Increase interest in information security through policy coordination and media.

In each week of October, the events of the European Cyber ​​Security Month will have distinct themes related to cybersecurity:

Week 1: Basic Cyber ​​Practices

Purpose: To help the public establish and maintain daily routines, checks and general behaviours necessary to stay safe online.

Week 2: Expanding Digital Capabilities and Education

Objective: to transform your know-how capabilities with the latest technologies.

Week 3: Recognize Fraudulent Schemes on the Internet

Purpose: Educate the general public on how to identify deceptive content in order to keep oneself safe as well as your finances and personal data.

Week 4: Emerging Technologies and Privacy

Objective: To introduce the latest emerging technologies.

In Portugal, the Interregional Institute for Criminal Investigation and Justice of the United Nations (UNICRI), ShadowSEC in cooperation with the National Center for Cybersecurity in Portugal and UK Trade Investment (UKTI) will hold lectures, workshops and the objective of discussing the main national and international trends on cybersecurity.

For more information about the actions taking place in Portugal, go to

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