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Mobile Websites vs Mobile Applications: which one is right for you? 

The promotion of a business is one of the essential tasks for the success of a company.

To do this, there are many alternatives which you can opt for, from email marketing, social media, among others… One of the more efficient ways to strengthen your online presence is the creation of a mobile website or a mobile application.

Both options are valid and interesting, since they present your business in a more complete and dynamic way. However, when it’s time to opt for one to promote your company, some doubts come up. Then, which are the advantages of each one of the software systems?

The access to both can be done through your smartphone. The mobile application can be obtained through its download in app stores such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. Mobile websites are HTML pages to which you can directly access from a web browser. However, one is more informative (mobile website) and another is more interactive (mobile application).

Despite the cost of development being as well related to the complexity of the website, its creation ends up being more economic. This is because the model of the website is compatible with all the platforms, without any need of creating different models for different platforms.

Being a website better classified by Google Search Engine, this verifies a better search engine optimization. This means that it grants the brand a bigger visibility and the reach of more people.

Lastly, not being necessary the complication of performing a download and being accessible from all the platforms, the website ends up being more widely shared. In return, mobile websites can just be browsed with internet connection of 3G, Wi-Fi and 5G, where it already exists.

The mobile application, being more interactive, reveals a bigger user engagement. This translates into, for example, the possibility of customization on the part of the users. A lot of brands have been opting for the possibility of personalization of mobile applications. This characteristic, together with the personalized recommendations and the mobile updates, seem to have a positive effect on users.

Furthermore, the fact that applications don’t necessarily require internet connection and can be consulted offline (although not having all the functionalities provided), reveals being an added value. The users can, with this functionality, have access to the most of the application’s data, even without internet connection.

Both options provide advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, for its usage in the development and promotion of a brand, you should think about which is your company’s goal, as well as your target audience. With this you can choose the option that best fits the promotion strategy you wish to adopt.


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