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What is a T-Shaped professional?

Do you know what a T-shaped professional is? The concept was used for the first time in 1991 by David Guest and is currently cited a lot in the corporate context. 

T-shape is a metaphor used in recruitment to describe someone’s abilities in the workforce. The vertical bar in the T letter represents the depth of the abilities and knowledge related to a single field, while the horizontal bar is the capacity of collaborating in many areas with specialists of other areas and applying knowledge in areas of expertise different from theirs. Therefore, the vertical part of the T shows the depth of one of the aspects of the T’s horizontal part, in which the professional is more experienced.

Applied to the Marketing area, we can define a T-shaped professional as a specialist in one specific aspect of Marketing, but with advanced knowledge in other areas. 

In this case, in the T’s horizontal part we would have Email Marketing, social media, SEO, etc, and even the speciality of the professional, which, in this case, would be Content Marketing (in the T’s horizontal part).

The T-shaped professionals are very precious because they have a vast knowledge of several Marketing aspects, which allows them the creation of innovative multi-channel strategies.

If you seek to enrich your  qualifications in order to integrate in the definition of T-shaped professional, you should work in the areas in which you don't have that much knowledge, in order to obtain general sufficient knowledge.

Becoming a T-Shaped professional can constitute a challenge. Besides requiring a lot of time and work, it is necessary that you adapt  to an industry in constant change. 


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