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What is the role of robots and drones against Covid-19?

The new Coronavirus, Covid-19, has come to increase the importance and usage of technology in our daily life.

Confined at home, people opt for connecting themselves to the world through other channels promoted by new technologies.

A little everywhere, technologies assume an important role in the service and care provision during quarantine and confinement. Devices like drones and robots proved to be excellent means of transport and complements to jobs done by human beings in the most varied services, reducing social contact and, consequently, the risk of infection.

One of the sectors that benefits from technological advances is Medicine. The usage of robots for assistance of infected patients, or possibly infected, while doctors communicate remotely with patients, makes it possible to reduce the risk factor for healthcare professionals. Robots can also acquire the patient’s vital information. An example of this was the hospital of Wuhan, where robots were used to help in things like delivery of food and medicine to isolation rooms.

To minimize contact between people, a lot of companies have opted to use robots to deliver medical supplies at health institutions or items that people acquire online. Still in China, Jingdong (delivery services company) replaces the traditional delivery service by the delivery by robots.

Food delivery services by robots are also having an important role during this pandemie. For instance, there are companies that use their services to deliver meals to people in quarantine, suspected of having the virus. For example, Foodom, a robotic unit of food preparation, is delivering food to doctors and nurses in a quarantine center, in Wuhan.

As for drones, in Portugal, for example, this technological devices help the police to patrol certain places where it has been verified a big affluence of people on the streets at the weekends, to make sure that there isn’t any type of gathering not allowed during the state of emergency.

At a time of so much uncertainty, all help is needed. The use of technology to reduce the probability of infection is an added value that is provided to us by the technological advances which our world has been registering. It is, however, important that you stay home and you keep a positive mindsete.

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