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Mobile-first: the importance in E-commerce

Evolution is a natural process in any market sector. With the constant growth of technology and changes in consumer behaviour, anyone who does not value the mobile experience is bound to fail.

In recent years, mobile search has increased to such an extent that it has surpassed desktop search. Right now, more than half of the world's web traffic comes from smartphones. These data also apply to e-commerce. More and more consumers want fast, practical and intuitive experiences within a few clicks. And that is why the mobile-first approach to e-commerce has gained momentum.

What is Mobile-first?

Mobile First is an approach that determines that the initial focus of web design architecture and development should be on mobile devices. Instead of adapting the structure and layout of a website or mobile application to the size of a mobile phone screen, as has been done in the past, the elements must be organized and thought out first so that the user can efficiently navigate on a mobile device. Thus, since the smartphone screen has become the home screen to buy online, companies that apply mobile-first develop first for these devices and desktops are the ones that receive the derivation of what was designed for mobile devices.

Why should your E-commerce invest in Mobile-First?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that if you have an electronic commerce page you are already at an advantage concerning other competitors that have not invested in digital. However, competition is increasing and mobile-first can bring excellent results, as current consumers first seek information about products on the internet. Since most searches currently take place on mobile devices, they will likely end up on your site. Having a website specially designed for the experience of these users is a huge advantage.

Advantages of Mobile First

First, the great advantage of Mobile First is that the experience of the potential customer is much better. A good experience will most likely become a purchase and, later, a loyal customer.

On the other hand, and focusing on more technical issues, Google's ranking improves when you invest in Mobile-first. Google ranking, that is the position in which a site appears in the search results, is an essential factor to attract new customers and for the success of any online store. The ranking of your website is improved because the classification and indexing criteria of the most famous search engine in the world started to consider the responsiveness and the speed of loading of mobile sites, and as such, the brands that value the mobile-first approach.

Last but not least, know that having an impeccably designed website for mobile devices will improve the image of your brand and give it credibility. If you are convinced and want to move forward with a mobile-first approach to put your most active customers first, contact Zalox, we want to help you achieve your goals!


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