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3 major E-Commerce trends for 2021

In 2020 the world changed. Many businesses did not resist the pandemic that we still feel today and for the first time, all sectors of society had to adapt to a new reality.

One of the few areas that felt the effects of the pandemic positively was Electronic Commerce. Ecommerce sales grew more than 30% in 2020, driven by unprecedented consumer demand during the global pandemic. With the need for confinement, consumers were forced to resort to online shopping, which promoted enormous growth in the sector.

However, let anyone who thinks that E-commerce has grown just because it was more used by those who already used it, be disappointed. The pandemic not only increased overall sales, but opened up new opportunities in previously untapped niche markets, both at the level of the target audience (especially the ageing population) and products.

Today we address 3 major trends in the E-Commerce industry that will define the market in 2021.


The reinvention of buying habits

The great catalyst for the growth of Electronic Commerce was the ability to change the old habit of shopping in physical stores. The great challenge has been reached and 2021 will be the year that will cement the online purchase. The more traditional population, who would prefer to go shopping physically at stores, will take advantage of the discovery of the convenience of online shopping and continue to consume in e-commerce, even when stores reopen in full. The challenge for companies will be to keep Electronic Commerce appealing.


Higher investment in online advertising

The growth of companies taking advantage of e-commerce also means that competition in the sector has increased. Digital content is increasingly important and companies are investing more and more in their digital presence. Although investment in online advertising is already a growing trend, the global pandemic has accelerated that investment. In 2021, electronic commerce will be a higher priority on the agenda of all companies, which will increase the race for digital content.


Emergence of niches

The hope is that the need for social distance will end this year. However, the impact of the pandemic on consumers will have permanent or, at least, long-term effects.

We refer to innovative products and ideas related to health and cleaning, which have the potential to prevent a future outbreak. This is the opportunity for companies to capitalize on products related to home hygiene and personal protective equipment.


In 2021, companies will have new difficulties but also new opportunities. As in 2020, those who are proactive will be able to stay afloat and grow, while companies that resign will have to live with the consequences of their inactivity.

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