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3 great Digital Marketing trends you need to try in 2021


2020 brought enormous changes to the world. The behavioural changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent worldwide confinement had an influence on the Digital Marketing trends for 2021.

Companies and consumers were affected by the pandemic, changing processes and relationships and forcing a digital transformation.

In this context, new trends have emerged in Digital and others have been accelerated. Today we’ll cover some of the biggest Digital Marketing trends for 2021 and explain why we think you should implement them in your strategy.


Real-time Experiences or Lives

With the restrictions on circulation imposed during the pandemic, especially during the first phase of confinement, people looked for new ways to entertain and relate. It was thanks to this need that live event broadcasts resurfaced. The first to popularize lives were music artists, who entertained consumers with concerts. Then, the phenomenon spread to all kinds of shows, classes, sports and lectures broadcast in real-time over the internet. Lives have spread on channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Zoom.

They are an excellent opportunity for companies to take advantage, on the one hand, of consumers' desire for involvement and on the other, the need for immediacy of a more demanding and less patient public every day. Engagement is the metric to consider in this case. Brands can and should bet on live broadcasts, promoting lectures, interviews and webinars. The most important thing to take into account is the possibility of interaction with the public, which must be encouraged and valued.


Creation of interactive content

Interactive content is not exactly a new trend. However, this type of content is again something to bet on in 2021, especially since 2020 was a year in which social distance prevented interactions between people in person and transferred them to the devices.

Thus, brands started to invest more in interactivity to create engagement with users. Interactive content can be presented in different ways, from infographics to videos, ebooks, games, calculators, questionnaires, among others.


The return of User-generated Content

User-Generated Content consists of content produced by the common user and that can be used by brands in their strategies. UGC is not at all a new concept but it gains strength in 2021 as more and more brands realize that the common user has the power to influence. Everyone's experiences with the brand act as social proof for other potential users. Some examples of successful UGC that you can implement in your strategy are:

  • Launch challenges for your followers on social networks to create content and reward the most original;
  • Repost the instastories and retweet brand mentions made by other users;
  • Publish customer reviews of your company's products and services.


These three major Digital Marketing trends for 2021 are the perfect example that the best digital strategies are not always the ones with the most financial investment or big agencies behind. Any company, whatever its size, can implement these tips, as long as it has a presence on Digital.

If you do not have a cemented digital presence or need help to design and implement a Digital Marketing plan, Zalox can help you. We are experts in Communication and Digital Marketing, contact us!


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