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Meet the new rules of Facebook Giveaways

Social Media contests are one of the great Marketing  tendencies of  the last few years. Brands saw this type of promotion as an easy way to gain followers, increase interaction with pages on social media and, ultimately, advertise.

Who does not like to receive tassel things? Or rather, at the price of a like on a Facebook page? In fact, it is very easy and appealing. However, many brands promote "giveaways" on Facebook without knowing that they are infringing on the rules of the platform, taking unnecessary risks. Giveaways are promotions in which brands promise to offer an appealing prize using a lottery.

In this article, we explain the rules for developing contests and sweepstakes on Facebook. The rules and terms of Facebook are constantly evolving, so it's not easy to keep us updated. These are valid guidelines for the present moment.

Meet the new rules of Facebook giveaways:

Your brand is responsible for the promotion, not Facebook. The first rule of promoting contests on Facebook is that the page you promote should have a set of rules and eligibility requirements for the promotion and include a statement explaining that Facebook has nothing to do with this promotion and its rules .

It is forbidden to ask the participants of the promotion to share their offer in their profile or that of their friends as a means of participation. Any type of action that involves friends or the users timeline is not allowed (identification of friends, etc.).

It is forbidden to ask participants to "Like" their page as a means of participation. Yes, you can ask them to put "Like" in the promotion post. Both this rule and the previous one are often disregarded.

Failure to comply with these rules authorizes Facebook to delete the posts in question without prior notice, which may be very inconvenient for those who are promoting a contest. Other possible consequences are removing the likes of the page for a certain period, blocking the access to the page or even suspend the operation of the page.

As such, you should always be well informed and ensure that you are not breaking any rules, which often happens out of sheer ignorance.

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