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Have you set your buyer personas? Learn how to do it and why it matters

In the context of Digital Marketing, we often talk about the importance of reaching the target audience. However, little is said about the definition of this same public and how this process is important for companies.

"Manuel, 40 years old, married and with small children. He is CEO of a small growing plant and intends to implement an industrial management system to optimize production. Likes to play sports."

We have just described, in general terms, a buyer persona of a software company.

Buyer personas are a great way to optimize, segment and define the target audience based on your personal characteristics, professional occupation, hobbies, among others. To have a more effective and assertive Digital Marketing strategy, a deep knowledge of the client-type is indispensable.

How to define a buyer persona?

The definition of the buyer persona or the various buyer personas must be based on an exhaustive survey of current and former customers. Analyze your clients' characteristics and try to identify what they have in common. Try to build the persona by having someone real in mind, focusing on his or hers challenges and how your company can help you overcome them.

In creating a buyer persona, you must take into account the professional profile, personal life and hobbies, goals and challenges of that individual. In this way, you could create a more specific approach to this profile rather than a broader strategy that may not be as effective.

Do not base this construction on assumptions, research carefully, and trust the people who usually interact directly with customers.

By developing your business's buyer personas you will have a much clearer picture of your needs and how to communicate clearly and effectively how to solve these challenges. Thus, it is essential that you do this to optimize your Marketing strategy.

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