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How to use Whatsapp to expand your business?

Being currently one of the most used message applications worldwide, you have surely heard or used Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is an application used to establish communication through messages and calls, for Android, iPhone or Mac and Windows devices.

Even though the primary goal of Whatsapp is its use as a chat service, a lot of companies are starting to use it as an important tool for their businesses, for customer support.

For such cases, Whatsapp Business was created. Whatsapp Business was developed with the intention to help small and medium-sized enterprises providing customer support. It allows you to create a brochure to present products and services, as well as to interact with customers in a more organized way, through the use of the proposed tools.

If you wish to establish a more direct contact with your clients, Whatsapp allows you to talk individually with each customer. This is an added value for the development of direct relationships with customers, who can easily contact you if they have questions or interest in a product.

Additionally, it offers the possibility of customer service in real time. If your company has enough resources, you can use this application to give a quick answer to your customers, a factor that greatly increases your competitiveness. 

You can make use of Whatsapp’s functionality of “Status” to share promotional codes within a defined period of time. These promo codes can be shared by your customers to other people. You can also use this functionality to give personalized access to events that you are organizing or daily, weekly or monthly giveaways. All this constitutes forms of interaction with your customers which arouse interest in your business and can expand your  area of activity.

Even in the area of internal communication, Whatsapp can be useful, serving as a contact channel with all the employees. Being of easy use and being many people already familiar with the application, you can save time which would be directed to the adaptation to a new communication system.

Finally this application is one of the most complete in terms of security, since all messages are encrypted, which means the messages and calls can’t be accessed either by Whatsapp either by third parties.

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