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How to use Instagram for B2B companies

Instagram is currently the king of social media. Extremely appealing to a younger audience, it has become one of the main forms of contact between brands and the public.

However, often Business-to-Business companies find it difficult to find their "place" on Instagram, as they believe they do not have relevant content to put on their profile. Instagram has room for all types of companies and, if used creatively and according to your company's marketing strategies, can be a great way to get in touch with your brand.

If you still have questions about how your B2B company can use Instagram in a positive way for your brand, we will leave you with some suggestions.
Reach the ideal audience

One of the peculiarities of Instagram is that users are distinct from any other social network. As such, you should realize that your company's Instagram will reach a different audience than other networks, an audience that expects distinctive and original content.

Show company culture

In our point of view, the great value of Instagram is the humanization of brands. Instagram can and should be a way for companies to share content that goes beyond selling products and services. Show your employees, celebrate your wins and special dates for the brand.

Showcase your brand creatively in a creative way and differentiate yourself from your competitors, leaving a positive impression on your community.
Communicate with your community

Look for new ways to interact with your online community. If you find it practical, see Instagram as another channel for efficient customer support. Respond to the messages your followers leave you and ask them questions about your services. Encourage your employees, partners and customers to share your content through your brand hashtag.

Share success stories

Demonstrating the success of your customers is proving your success. You can invite your customers to share video or citations in ways that your business has helped them by creating different and compelling content. On the other hand, it turns out to be also free advertising to your customers.

Uncomplicate understanding of services

Take advantage of Instagram's visual component to educate your target audience and, as a result, unravel understanding of your company's services. Create infographics, tutorials and explanatory videos, and show the value of your business to your customers in an original way.
Finally, understand that Instagram is not just a social network for B2C (business-to-customer) brands and that B2B companies have the same conditions to include Instagram in their Digital Marketing strategies.

If you want positive results for your brand, we recommend that you be supported by a team of professionals who will help you produce relevant content aligned with your digital strategy. Zalox is a specialist in social media management: we have defined your personalized Digital Marketing and Communication Plan. Contact us, we want to help you achieve your goals.

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