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How to prepare your e-commerce for Father's Day

Although research shows that Father's Day does not have as much commercial impact as Mother's Day, it is still an important date in the calendar for brands and an opportunity that should not be ignored.

So, if you have an e-commerce website, you should take advantage of this date and benefit from Father's Day. Read below Zalox’s tips and prepare your e-commerce for Father's Day


Create Specific Landing Pages for the Date

In the days leading up to Father's Day, consumers are bombarded with specific gift offerings targeting parents. Choosing one of these deals can be challenging once you feel overwhelmed with information. A good tip is to create advertising campaigns that lead to landing pages that entice users to buy your product and, above all, simplify the customer experience.

Not everyone has the time and patience to spend hours researching a gift for Father's Day. Thus having landing pages that gather all the information in one place makes the experience much easier for the customer. A good technique will be to separate the gift options by price, preventing buyers from becoming frustrated by being confronted with products that are outside their ideal price range.


Offer discounts

Statistics show that consumers do not spend a lot of money on gifts for their parents on this particular date, so offering exclusive discounts for Father's Day will encourage them to take action. The prospect of a discount may cause the customer to value your product.


Make multiple payment options available

When shopping online, users feel more comfortable when there are several payment options available. Some customers prefer to pay through bank referrals, others through services like PayPal.

It is proven that one of the main reasons why people leave shopping carts is because the preferred payment option is not available. Having little choice of payment options becomes limiting to the customer and can discourage you from making the purchase.


When it comes to preparing your online store for Father's Day, it is important to make the experience as easy and direct as possible for the prospective buyer. Compiling popular products on specific landing pages and encouraging purchases will make your customers not jump to your competitors.

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