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Internet of Things - Advantages and challenges in the online era

The concept of "Internet of Things" consists of a network of devices, such as vehicles and home appliances that contain software, sensors, and internet connectivity, that allow these objects to connect, interact, and exchange data.

The Internet of Things is transforming all aspects of our life: at home, at the office, the city streets and more. Thanks to this technology, we can have control over almost every aspect of our homes, such as locks, lights and appliances and have access to statistics about our consumption habits. Data shows that there are around 8.4 billion devices currently connected and it is estimated that the number continues to grow exponentially, which demonstrates not only the potential of this type of technology but also the interest of people in the benefits of the Internet of Things.

However, the Internet of Things is not only about advantages. The impact of this technology is so significant that it brings with it some challenges and risks.

There have been increasing concerns about the privacy and sharing of data related to this equipment. A simple internet search reveals that many users have returned their home surveillance cameras because they have not agreed to the Terms and Conditions, which in most cases gives the manufacturer access to all the data collected by the cameras.

A recent study showed that half a million smart devices in Barcelona (including webcams and baby monitors) were vulnerable to cyber attacks and several families reported cases of data theft. This raises legitimate questions about software security, since hacked data is directly related to the privacy of citizens' homes, leaving them vulnerable, among other hazards, to burglaries.

As these connections grow deeper, more entry points are created for potential criminals to access user data. Therefore, as the number of devices in the Internet of Things increases, security testing should increase in frequency and accuracy, especially as software is constantly evolving.

So while the Internet of Things presents an exciting potential, it carries with it a huge variety of security risks. To mitigate these risks and help users taking advantage of their benefits, teams that develop and test software must improve their quality control practices to ensure the privacy and security of their customers.

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