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How Blockchain technology is changing cyber security of mobile applications

Blockchain technology has several applications and stands out as a bet to challenge current cyber attacks.

When we hear about Blockchain technology, concepts such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum come to mind immediately. Blockchain's global market is growing exponentially, but not just thanks to crypto-coins.

Also, mobile applications are in the sights of cybercriminals. The main reason is that users keep a great amount of private and confidential data on their mobile devices. So how does Blockchain technology help with the security of mobile applications?

Smartphones have by default some weaknesses that the antivirus installed can't correct. This is where Blockchain comes in: being a highly innovative technology, it makes it extremely difficult to change the saved data, giving more stability to blockchain-based applications.

In addition to offering transparent and secure financial transactions, Blockchain can be used for many other purposes, including:

  •  Identity Verification
  • Registration of property and health;

  • Anonymous research;

  • DNS / PKI

Blockchain-based mobile applications do not have to work exactly on the fundamental principles of Blockchain, just to absorb some of its features. Before you start using Blockchain in mobile application security, you must decide what data you need to protect. Blockchain technology is a smart alternative to replacing a password, for example. Thus, when two entities agree to carry out a transaction, payment is made through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and inhibits any possibility of an external breach.

On the other hand, this technology is characterized by being a decentralized, more secure and reliable platform, and the same benefit extends to blockchain-based applications, moving the target of the brand infrastructure to the decentralized zone.

The transparency of the data involved in a transaction is another major benefit of using Blockchain to increase the security of mobile applications. All parties involved have their data available in a decentralized system that can be consulted at any time and in addition, anyone who tries to manipulate the data can be easily located.

To conclude, the incorporation of Blockchain technology for mobile security is not as simple as it may seem. There are still a lot of limitations and challenges are always present when creating a mobile app.

On the other hand, there are many countries that have not yet recognized Blockchain as a legal form of transactions. It's a matter of waiting to see how far Blockchain's potential will go, and what new ways to use it to increase our security come up. 

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