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How to Optimize Email Marketing for Millennials

Millennials are many times misunderstood consumers in the marketing world.

This generation switched laps for marketers by interacting and communicating differently than the previous generation. The Millennials barely click on banners, do not buy printed magazines, and do not see generalist television that served their parent’s generation well.

However, do not worry if these consumers are part of your target audience, advertising on Snapchat is not the only way to reach Millennials.

These consumers spend most of their time online using their mobile devices.

So if your company uses email marketing as part of its strategy, you can continue to use it with this generation, you just have to adapt your practices to the specifics of Millennials.

How do I get Millennials to open my company emails and take action?


If you want the Millennials to be enthusiastic about your offer, you must demonstrate that you are offering something unique, that is, a unique opportunity. Make these customers feel special by sharing tips, discounts and unique information via email. This generation likes to feel that it has an advantage that others will not have.

Incentive to action

More than any other generation, Millennials have a very short attention span. On the other hand, they like to feel that they are part of a larger purpose and that by doing business with brands they are contributing to something positive.

When sending a mail to this audience, always think of encouraging the interaction, either through call-to-action buttons or other tools that promote an action by those who read the mail.

Mobile optimization

Anyone in this generation has a smartphone constantly on hand and use these devices to do research, access social media and read emails. So if your emails are not optimized for mobile devices you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to win customers. Your emails should be as handsome and functional on a computer as on a smartphone.

Be authentic

Lastly, you should keep a humble and authentic record in your business emails. Do not try to impress a Millennial with complex expressions, too many extravagant words will  make you look that your speech is not sincere. Honesty can create strong bonds of loyalty between client and brand. 

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