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How to prepare your e-commerce for Christmas

Recently, we discussed the importance of preparing a Digital Marketing Campaign for Christmas in advance. However, depending on the specifics of each medium, campaigns should be planned differently. 

In this article, we discuss the importance of preparing an e-commerce site for Christmas.

Plan in advance

Nowadays, Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier. In November all sites are already flooded with special Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday promotions and consumers rush to buy the first gifts. Starting to plan ahead is important. In the case of e-commerce, you must take into account the delivery times of the products. The customer will have to purchase the product on your site and receive it before Christmas. Otherwise, you will surely be a dissatisfied customer.

So, Christmas communication should begin long before the moment of purchase, so that potential customers are aware of your product and have the time to make their decision.

Betting on Online Advertising

It is important to emphasize that it is not just your brand that will be searching for customers during the Christmas shopping season. The offer is much larger nowadays than it was a few years ago and, as such, you will have to strive to stand out. Betting on online advertising is one of the best strategies at this time. E-commerce sites are already turning to services like Google Adwords throughout the year, but an enhancement to that investment over the Christmas season can help exponentiate results.

If your brand has discounts or promotions during the Christmas season, it may be interesting to advertise on the Google search network, it may even spark a wish that did not previously exist and be a great idea for a gift.

Get to the customer with Email Marketing

Another strategy with proven results is email marketing. Although in recent years many have professed the end of Email Marketing, it continues to show very positive results for brands, increasing conversions. Every customer likes to feel special, so sending special conditions to newsletter subscribers, discounts and gift coupons is always a great option.

Add Christmas elements to your website

At this time of year, all stores, shopping centres and social media "dress" for Christmas. And your e-commerce site may follow the same trend. Take advantage of banners to put images that resemble holiday decoration and try to update your logo with festive elements.

You may also create highlights for products that have the most potential for success on Christmas, placing them on the homepage or by creating promotional kits, etc.

Above all, it is important to use your imagination. Differentiation from the competition is halfway to success. Put these tips into practice on your e-commerce site and reach your goals this Christmas.

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