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How to use Email Marketing in the after-sales process?

Today, customer service is more important than ever. In the digital era, customer service has specifics that do not exist in traditional/face-to-face service.

The small interactions that just exist in physical stores can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and retention. In the case of E-Commerce, there are alternative ways to give support to the customer. The use of Email Marketing in the after-sales process can be very useful and promote new sales, as well as more satisfaction in the current customers, retaining them.

Emails for activation

This point is especially true for companies with products whose use is somewhat complex. For example, if the customer buys a product but does not know how to use it to its fullest potential, that product loses value. A good tip is to send sequential emails with the goal of guiding the customer in using the product. Companies that sell software take special advantage of this technique.

In this way, reminding customers of the potentialities of your product will activate them and remind them of the amount initially paid.

Emails for retention

Retaining customers is a lot easier than getting new clients, but like all relationships, you have to build trust. Clear and frequent communication shows the client who is interested in your well-being and reminds you of the reasons why you chose your services initially. After a purchase, there are 3 important emails to send to customers:

  • Order Confirmation - Email that lists the order details of the customer.

  • Shipping Status - Email informing the customer about the date your order was shipped, with an estimate of the date the customer will receive it. This message must be sent when the request leaves your premises.

  • Refund Confirmation - Not all purchases end well. However, making the repayment process easy, fast and transparent can win you a future client.

Offering special discounts for clients and availing special dates like holidays and birthdays are also good ideas. Using your own software will be an excellent choice.

Emails with Related Products

Have you noticed that some brands send emails to customers in order to suggest other articles in the hope that they will buy back in your store? Many companies opt for this strategy, which is proven effective if well planned. For example, if you have a shoe store and a particular customer buys running shoes, you can send them an email whenever a new model of shoes arrives for the same effect, or even suggest other related items like socks, running clothes, etc.

This process can also be automated with own software that identifies these relations between products, allowing to program some basic variables such as the frequency with which these emails should be sent and to what type of clients.

A good use of email can help you greatly increase your sales. However, every tool requires work and dedication from the professionals and a great knowledge of its target audience. 

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