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How to improve your Ecommerce strategy for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity for many brands to increase their sales. Many sectors describe this date as the busiest day of the year, especially florists and chocolate traders.

Studies show that online store traffic peaks in the week before Valentine's Day, which demonstrates the importance of planning your Communication and Digital Marketing campaigns in advance.

Today we leave you with some useful tips to get customers' attention during Valentine's Day period.


Countdown on website

Creating a sense of urgency is an excellent way to encourage your customers to decide to buy. Put a countdown on your website and indicate until when they can enjoy free shipping. This is especially useful for last-minute buyers.


Create gift suggestion lists

Buyers' indecision can often prevent them from completing a purchase. Create a Valentine's Day tab on your site and offer suggestions. You can even leave an indication of how many users have already purchased each product, to create in the potential undecided consumer a “fear” of missing the opportunity.


Cart abandonment SMS / Email

Remarketing via SMS or email is an effective, fast and direct tool. Adding a product to a cart shows a clear purchase intention. Remind users who were on your site but did not complete a purchase of what they left in the cart and encourage them to finish the operation. It works more often than you think!


Cross-sells and upsells

Add suggestions for extra products during the checkout process to encourage your customers to buy more. Focus your efforts on small extras that can be added to products that the user already intended to bring, such as chocolates or flowers.


Offer discounts

Studies indicate that almost 20% of shopping cart abandonments are related to the price of products or shipping, so offering a discount voucher in addition to shipping can help increase your online sales and the conversion rate of your E-Commerce.

Finally, remember that this year e-Commerce has a more important role than ever. Test all the features of your site several times and be critical when implementing improvements in the user experience. Valentine's Day can introduce many new customers to your brand, but it is your quality that will keep them coming back.

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