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How to attract customers through Instagram

Instagram is a platform with a lot of potential for brands. With more than a billion users, companies must take advantage of these numbers and the exposure that the social network allows.

Being present and active on Instagram is an opportunity to convert followers into customers and retain those who already buy at your store. However, being able to do and actually doing it are different things. It is necessary to invest and work on appropriate strategies to arouse the interest of your users and attract them to your service or product, as well as those who do not know you yet. Today, we leave you with some tips on how you can attract new customers with Instagram and boost your results thanks to this social network.


Publish frequently

Our first tip is to publish frequently. Of course, quality will always be valued more than quantity but, being able to do both, you must do it. Publishing frequently keeps your brand in the memory of your followers and appears in the “Explore” feed of users who do not follow you.

However, not only must you maintain the frequency of publications, but you must evaluate your results. It is essential to study your followers' response to your content and make the necessary adjustments.


Create appropriate content

Although your goal is to attract customers, you should remember that Instagram is not a product showcase. The big challenge is to create appealing content that speaks the language of the public and that leads to your products and services. A profile that only publishes your products becomes tiring. Try to create content that inspires and leads potential customers to your site.


Explore Instagram Features

When it was launched, Instagram only served to publish photos in the feed. Since then, it added several features like video, stories, highlights, direct messages and more.

Use these resources creatively and explore new ways to get closer to your followers. We reinforce the importance of using Stories because it is estimated that they have an audience of 300 million users per day, which can be valuable tools to expand their reach.


Choose hashtags well

Using the right hashtags is essential for your publications to be grouped correctly when users search for the topic. You should search regularly for the hashtags you use and analyze the images that appear in the results and reflect if they suit your content. If not, you should look for hashtags that are more specific and that match your content.


Follow all these tips and attract new customers to your business through Instagram. If you need the help of a team of professionals, contact Zalox! We are experts in creating digital strategies for brands, helping them to enhance their results.

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