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How accelerated mobile pages are changing the world

The AMP project is an open source initiative that aims to make the Internet faster and give better performance to websites that choose to use that format.

The acronym AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP project was built thanks to a collaboration between thousands of programmers, publishers, and sites, distribution platforms and technology companies.

The project allows for the creation of faster websites and ads, from the usual eight seconds that mobile pages usually take to load to be almost instantly uploaded to mobile devices.

AMP pages not only offer faster navigation but also less user spend. Google has been gradually integrating AMP into search results, starting in August 2016 to show AMP websites in search results on mobile devices. Currently, when a user searches on their smartphone or tablet, they immediately see a symbol that indicates which pages have AMP.

But the impact of mobile accelerated pages goes far beyond the speed of loading. Now the main search results are seen in "carousel," that is, a horizontal presentation of the best AMP results is shown. When performing a search, the user can swipe left or right to navigate between results.

For companies, this new model has significant implications. Firstly, websites that use AMP may appear on the carousel, exponentially increasing their exposure. All sites that do not use the AMP are now "pushed" down the list of search engine results.

The Google AMP project is a prime example of the growing importance of digital marketing targeted to the mobile and above all a new opportunity for companies to stand out from their competitors. If you have not yet optimized your page for AMP, do not waste any more time and follow the one that is the great revolution in the searches of the moment.

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