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3 essential reasons to have a Responsive Website

With the exponential increase in the use of mobile devices and the searches performed on these devices, it becomes vital to have websites that adapt and offer page visitors a pleasant experience.

However, many companies have websites designed to work only for one resolution. That is, they impose a limit that ends up discarding all mobile devices.

Having a responsive website design means that the site is suitable for viewing on any mobile device, regardless of the size of the screen. Thus, a responsive site reorganizes content according to the resolution of the device where the site is viewed, which allows the user to view the site without having to resort to magnification tools. In this article, we leave you three essential reasons to have a responsive website.

Website maintenance cost

Having a responsive website has a much lower maintenance cost than having multiple versions of the same site, or one for desktop and one for mobile devices. The initial investment for the development of the website is practically the same, but the maintenance costs are non-existent.

User experience is enjoyable

This is possibly the greatest benefit of a responsive website. Pages that do not have a responsive design suffer from a distortion of appearance when viewed on different devices. This forces the site visitor to have extensive expansion maneuvers that will not benefit his or hers experience. Thus, the likelihood of the user returning to your site is greatly reduced.

A responsive website is better for SEO

Google benefits responsive sites in search results. Also, smartphones have a separate search algorithm, which means that sites well placed in the ranking of searches performed on a PC may not have the same position in searches conducted on smartphones. Nowadays, Google penalizes even non-mobile-friendly sites.

Google recommends a responsive design pattern as it provides a better user experience and in the long run can help you get more customers. In conclusion, having a responsive website saves you money, maintenance time and also helps you convert and keep more customers

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