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8 reasons for your company to have a YouTube channel

YouTube is a video distribution platform founded in February 2005. YouTube hosts all kinds of videos, from home videos to movies and music artists video clips.

Many brands have chosen to have channels on YouTube, looking for new ways to interact with their fans. If your business does not have a channel on this platform, maybe it's time to reflect on that possibility. In this article, we've listed the eight reasons why your business should create a YouTube channel.

1. Shows that you are aware of current trends

YouTube is a vast repository of material from many different areas. By having a channel, your company indicates that you want to stay modern and not only expose yourself to new audiences, but you are also willing to share that space with other brands and users.

2. YouTube ads are a good way of promoting.

It's been studied that people are naturally more permeable to messages at leisure, which is why YouTube ads are so effective. Advertising on YouTube is not just about videos, and brands can also use sponsored links, influence marketing on channels of digital influencer, among others.

3. Having a Youtube channel gives you data about potential customers

The "Insight" button in all videos allows administrators to access data about who sees the content, such as gender, age, etc. This demographic data allows you to tailor your digital marketing strategy and direct the message to your target audience.

4. Facebook allows feedback from the audience.

Youtube videos allow viewers of the content to "Like" or "Dislike" and leave comments. This way, brands can have feedback from their followers, customers, and potential clients and adapt according to the opinions expressed.

5. The YouTube channel makes it easy to integrate video into social networks

If you're already producing video content, YouTube makes it easy to incorporate these content into different social media. Sharing a YouTube video on Facebook, for example, is as easy as pasting the link into a status update or comment. Also, you can embed the videos on your company website without incurring video hosting costs.

6. Exclusive content for anyone who really cares

By default, anyone looking for a YouTube business channel is interested in learning more about its history, values, products, and services. Thus, producing material unique to the followers of the YouTube channel may attract an audience that is already predisposed to consume this content. On the other hand, you can get new customers searching for a particular topic by finding their content.

7. It's free

Having a Youtube channel does not have any cost other than what may eventually come from the production of content. Thus YouTube is a very affordable digital marketing channel.

8. Strengthen brand identity

Having a YouTube channel is an opportunity to produce creative content. Do not just share content related to your products and services: take the time to create content where the brand values, your DNA, and your character are explicit.

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