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Does Black Friday still make sense for new consumers?

For several decades now, Black Friday has marked the beginning of Christmas shopping and the opportunity to purchase specific products at very low prices.

Black Friday was born in the USA, where the madness is so much that every year there are conflicts between customers. In Portugal, Black Friday is a relatively recent tradition in commerce, but the great brands adhere to the date, offering promotions in physical stores as well as online.

However, recent data show that Black Friday is no longer the attraction that once was, especially for the new generation of consumers, who has access to much more promotions and discounts throughout the year than had happened with previous generations.

Forbes conducted a consumer survey of its Christmas shopping and shopping intentions on Black Friday. Seventy-five percent of consumers between the ages of 13 and 35 reported that they will do their Christmas shopping until the last week of December, against 69 percent of consumers over 35 who said they would end their Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

The same survey showed that only 35% of respondents will shop on Black Friday, compared to 59% in 2015.

The big reason is that today the discounts extend for so many days, that consumers consider that the penultimate Friday of November is no longer a huge opportunity.

At a time when a large percentage of purchases are made online, where there seems to always be a special promotion, Black Friday seems to be becoming obsolete for the new generation of consumers, especially those of Generation Z. For Black Friday to continue to be a relevant trade event, brands will have to adapt to consumer habits of new consumers.

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