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Gmail will change more than aesthetically: confidential and expired emails

Gmail users are about to see big changes to their email accounts. Google's email service is about to launch a redesign, with significant visual changes and new features.

The goal is to give a more organized look to users' inbox, especially for those who still prefer to use their computer to organize their emails.

The new web version of Gmail will have several features that can already be found in the Android and iOS version, namely Smart Reply, which allows users to select between three automatic responses based on what is written in the message received.

In addition, Gmail will have a "Confidential Mode," which creates some restrictions for specific messages. With the new confidential mode, you can send emails that cannot be forwarded, copied or printed.

The user may also require safer authentication before letting the recipient read the message content, such as requesting a code sent by SMS to ensure that no one but the account owner has access.

Emails can also be sent with an expiration date. Another novelty is the option to suspend conversations, allowing users to temporarily exclude inbox emails within a defined period.

Google has also announced the update of sending attachments to the email service, allowing users to receive messages with attachments up to 50 MB.

There is no release date yet, but Google said in a statement that the updates are being tested and will be released soon. Gmail currently has more than 1.2 billion users worldwide.

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