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E-Commerce: How to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate

How many times have you entered a physical store, picked up an article that interested you, saw the label and decided to put it back? We have all been in this situation. In traditional commerce, the reason for abandoning the purchase intention is, in most cases, the price.

However, this action also occurs in Electronic Commerce - it is characterized by the abandonment of a shopping cart - and may have several reasons, which we address today.

Today we leave you with some essential tips to reduce the abandonment rate of your online store's shopping cart.

Practice competitive prices and offer to ship

As with traditional commerce, the potential buyer often shows an interest in an item, adds it to the shopping cart and then realizes that the value is higher than expected, ending up leaving the site without making a purchase. This can happen because the price of the product itself is too high or since shipping costs make the product more expensive, and it is no longer considered a good deal by the customer.

Try to practice prices in line with the quality of your product and the market value, as well as the possibilities of your target audience. As for shipping costs, try to offer shipping from a purchase price X and you will surely see a decrease in the abandonment of shopping carts.


Provide multiple payment methods

Nowadays, there is still some suspicion on the part of a public less accustomed to shopping online regarding the introduction of bank details on a website. Thus, in addition to the credit card, you must provide more traditional forms of payment such as payment by bank transfer and ATM reference, as well as more modern ones, for example, PayPal and MB Way. Show your potential customer that you recognize their needs by making multiple payment methods available, making your purchase easier.


Reduce delivery time

Another important reason for abandoning the shopping cart is that the delivery time for orders is longer than expected. If your store takes more than 2-3 business days to make a delivery, most of the abandonments may be related to this waiting gap. Try to optimize delivery times when making protocols with couriers and make the order preparation process faster.


Diversify shipping options

Offer delivery options with multiple prices - for example, express deliveries on a business day with a higher value and normal deliveries that are more accessible - also a pick-up option at a store or a collection point. Some customers may prefer that the order does not reach their home.

By presenting a variety of options for sending orders, it shows not only the adaptability of your company but also the importance it attaches to your customer's comfort and choices.


Make sure your website is responsive

The use of mobile phones and smartphones has been increasing significantly, even surpassing the use of computers. From sending emails to online shopping, mobile device users prefer to opt for convenience. Thus, if your website is not adapted to the mobile format, it is certain that the customer will not finalize a purchase.

Try to create a pleasant experience for your customers, allowing them to make purchases from anywhere.


Simplify the purchase process

Simplify the checkout process, prioritizing speed. Keep forms to be kept to a minimum and avoid asking for unnecessary data. In addition to creating distrust in the customer, they make the purchase process much longer. Test hard and ask several people for their opinions before launching the site.

Do not hinder the process. Remember, the faster and simpler the shopping journey, the more chances you have to avoid this abandonment of the shopping basket.


Bet on these tips and see your e-commerce cart's abandonment rate plummeting. Remember that nothing is instantaneous and sometimes the results are slow to appear. If you have any questions about how you can modify the purchase process for your website, Zalox can help you.

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