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What is Mobile Marketing and how to use it?

Mobile Marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to reach the target audience on their mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets, through e-mails, SMS, social networks and mobile applications.

This technique aimed at mobile devices consists of actions to publicize the services and products of companies, having in recent years gained particular popularity due to the growing use of mobile devices.

As is known, currently the number of smartphone users has surpassed that of computer users, reinforcing the importance of Mobile Marketing.

Why should I use Mobile Marketing?

The answer is simple: advertising must be directed to the channels where the target audience is present and everyone currently has a smartphone. More than having a mobile device, people use them for everything, including starting shopping days. In other words, the way the public consumes content and meets their needs through electronic commerce influences marketing strategies today, making Mobile Marketing a necessity.

The main reasons for including Mobile Marketing in your Digital Marketing strategy are:

  • The growth of purchases via mobile;
  • The possibility of using Geolocation systems more easily, since smartphones already have the built-in GPS feature;
  • The popularity and growing use of mobile applications;
  • The possibility of incorporating technologies such as the QR Code and driving your target audience to websites, landing pages, among others.
  • The ease in sending SMS messages, although this technique is falling into disuse.


Good Mobile Marketing Practices


Mobile Marketing can prove to be very useful for your brand. However, there are some precautions to be taken into account:


1. Be clear and concrete. Users usually ignore advertisements with a lot of information, so you should limit texts to the essentials;

2. Focus on the location. Make sure that a large part of your ad’s audience is local. In this way you will be able to respond to their needs quickly and effectively;

3. Adapt where you’re going to share your ads with your consumers. If for example, your target audience likes video games, try game apps or console game selling websites. If they are young, try investing in ads on Instagram and other social networks;

4. Don't be afraid to try different strategies. Experiment with various platforms and test which one is the most successful and best suits your company.


Getting started with Mobile Marketing as one of your marketing strategies may seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be the case. Zalox can help you to develop an appropriate strategy for your company, to obtain the desired results. 

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