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Christmas: How to attract more customers to your Ecommerce

As Christmas approaches, the time of biggest profit for many brands also arrives. Consumers invade physical stores and e-commerce sites in search of gifts for their loved ones.

This year, given the circumstances of the pandemic and taking into account the changes in consumer behaviour brought about by confinement, the expectation is that Christmas shopping will be more digital.

With so much available, it is increasingly important for brands to bet on well-structured and well-planned Digital Marketing campaigns. Having the best offer is not enough: your potential customers must know that it exists. Today, we give you some tips on how you can attract more customers to your e-commerce this Christmas.


Plan ahead

First, plan your campaigns well in advance. If you are reading this article and you still don't have your Christmas campaign operational (or at least outlined), you may be in trouble. This year more than ever people are being advised to do their shopping on time.


Promote your best products

Every year, certain items are more successful and receive a lot of attention from consumers. Having a wish list on your e-commerce where potential customers can place their wishes is an excellent way to understand the products that will be most in demand for Christmas. Then, create campaigns around these products and boost your sales even more.


Be creative in the promotion

Use all the resources at your disposal to promote your products, whether in terms of Content Marketing, advertising on Google and social networks, email campaigns, among others. Also, you should think of original ideas to attract your customers. Create special packs with various products of your brand, offer gifts when buying certain values, create articles and newsletters that encourage consumers to choose Christmas gifts.


Our last tip on how to sell more and attract more customers this Christmas is to focus especially on customer service. A satisfied and well-attended customer comes back and recommends them to their acquaintances. If you need help adapting your e-commerce to this festive season, contact Zalox. We are specialists in Electronic Commerce!

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