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Branding, what is it and how can it be useful for your business?

Branding, or brand management, is the name given to the management of the brand strategies used by a company. These strategies aim to improve the general perception of the brand by the public.


What is Branding?

Brand management, or branding, works with the concepts of values, identity and positioning of the company in relation to certain themes, but also with the concept of brand and how it needs to be planned, structured, well managed and promoted. This concept management requires long-term planning that will play not only with the company's image in the target audience, but also in its stakeholders.

The main objective of a branding strategy is to implement a positive perception of the company in the minds of potential consumers and make them see it as relevant in the market, while maintaining a good reputation. Improving the perception in the market, there is a phenomenon of brand equity, that is, the increase in the monetary value of the brand, increasing the value of the company itself.

A well-structured and planned branding strategy can guarantee the company's future, making it grow in a sustainable and long-lasting manner.


How can branding help you grow your business?

Perception is not just a company's logo and name. Perception brings together these two elements and many more, namely the feelings and experiences that the public has when interacting with its products or services.

A brand needs values ​​and a purpose to guide its actions. It is in these aspects that branding is useful, helping to create a brand identity that will set you apart from your competitors.

The identity of a brand is what makes big companies known to the point that we recognize their product or service only by color or logo. Identity is a universe of colors, icons, symbols, illustrations, slogans, etc.

Here are some suggestions on how to benefit from a branding strategy.


Create a strong visual identity

The visual identity of your company encompasses several aspects, from the logo and colors associated with the brand, to the website, communications on social networks, etc. It is important to have a style book, in which the elements, colors, fonts are explained, maintaining a cohesive identity. A simple logo is also more easily recognizable. Famous logos such as Apple, Nike and Google have these characteristics.


Create a strong emotional connection between the company and the customer

An excellent way to create an emotional connection with the consumer is to tell your story. By knowing the company's path and its growth, the consumer will identify with the brand. Choose to tell this story on the company's website and also through social networks.


Create a commitment to consumers

“A brand is a promise. And a good brand is a promise kept. ” These are the words of Muhtar Kent, former CEO of Coca-Cola. Establishing and publicizing your brand's commitment, you commit yourself to society to fulfil it, and in doing so, you ensure not only your company's reputation but also customer loyalty.

Creating a good branding strategy can be complex. If you don't know where to start, Zalox can help you create a solid identity for your company. We take care not only of the graphic component of your brand identity but also develop a digital strategy suited to the specific objectives of your business. Contact us!

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