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How to use humour in your company's Marketing strategy

Sense of humour is something common to all human beings. Regardless of nationality, culture, religion, personality, everyone shares the ability to laugh. After a bad day, a good laugh quickly improves our mood.


In Western society, the use of humour daily is not only socially acceptable but also well regarded.

Especially in the scope of Digital Marketing, humour is one of the main reasons why people follow a brand or company on their digital channels.

Using humour as a resource for a well-structured Marketing strategy can be very useful and improve your company's perception. Well-succeeded humour can increase your reach, generate likes, shares and comments on your social networks. Take the example of brands like Super Bock or Control, which use humour on their social networks, achieving unprecedented values ​​of Engagement.

However, a bad joke that generates negative interpretations can also cause serious damage to your business. As such, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of each action very well, especially when there is a possibility of bringing you bad publicity.

Today we address some of the advantages of using humour as a tool for a Digital Marketing strategy.


Generates knowledge

A well-made advertisement remains in our memory for years, whether due to humour, music, history of the advertisement, etc. The same is true with online ads. One of the great advantages of Digital Marketing is the possibility of reaching many people, generating greater recognition. Nowadays, the consumer is more likely to share something funny with friends.

Nowadays, digital noise is extremely present on social networks and a new brand can go unnoticed very easily. Therefore, when the consumer identifies with something that causes laughter or joy, he arouses curiosity and interest on his part. The goal is to get maximum attention.


Humanizes the company

Being a characteristic of the human being, humour will, in turn, personify and humanize the company and the brand. Consequently, the consumer will not only be more willing to interact with the brand but also identify more with the company.


Reaches the emotional side of your audience

Endorphin is called the “happiness hormone”. It is responsible for blocking pain, but also for feelings of pleasure and happiness. Fortunately, laughter is one of the easiest ways to cause the release of endorphins.


How to make good humorous content

Know your target audience

Even maintaining the premise of freedom of expression, you must be very careful when transmitting messages of humour, avoiding situations in which there is the possibility of offending the other. The subjectivity of humour can prove to be a challenge. It is important to know your target audience well to avoid unnecessary damage.


Take current themes

Use social media to keep up with current trends. Joke with current themes and take advantage of “viral” subjects. A good joke at the right time can make your brand viral.


Resorting to humour in your Digital Marketing strategy can be complex. If you don't know where to start, Zalox helps you to get in touch with the most fun side of your brand to leave it in the minds of your customers. Contact us!

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