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4 Data-Based Reasons to Build a Mobile Application for Your Business

Today, anyone with a smartphone uses mobile applications.

As such, apps are a growth opportunity for many companies, which can add tools that enable them to communicate more consistently with their customers, creating faster and more effective relationships. In this article, we present you with 4 reasons based on data and recent research that justify why your company should focus on having a mobile application.


1. The average cost for a user to install an app is only $ 2.89.

2018's Mobile App Engagement Index study showed that the cost of advertising for a user to install a mobile app is just over $ 2. That is, although the cost associated with development is usually high, the cost to capture users' attention is not. Then, you just need to ensure that the app works well and the user finds it useful.


2. Smartphone users have 80 applications on the phone and use about 40 monthly

An App Annie report states that an average user has 80 apps on his smartphone and uses about 40 every month. That is, people like apps and the value they add to their daily lives, and yours may be exactly what they are looking for.


3. Users believe that a good experience on all devices is "very important".

Most of us carry a smartphone in our pocket, a tablet in our backpack, and have a laptop on our desk at home, switching between these devices for different purposes. A recent survey by Toptal found that 83% of surveyed users felt that having a good mobile app experience on multiple devices is "very important".


4. 90% of respondents who described a mobile experience as "useful" would buy from this brand again

The same App Annie study showed that 90% of surveyed users who found an app “useful” said they were receptive to buying more products/services from that company. On the other hand, those who were not happy with the performance of an app excluded it.

Are you convinced? We give you one more reason. Zalox specializes in mobile application development. We can help you reach your potential by developing an app for your business. Contact us, we will be happy to help!


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