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World Usability Day

Today is World Usability Day.

This event is marked annually on the second Thursday of November and aims to discuss ways in which usability can improve and facilitate the lives of citizens.

Usability is a term used to define how easily a user can use a tool to accomplish a specific task. In technology, it refers to the simplicity and ease with which an interface, software or website is used.

This year's World Usability Day focuses on well-designed user experiences that are tools that empower people who use them, delivering better results in everything we do.

Designers and User Experience  experts should be concerned with creating inclusive technology, reflecting on themes such as:

• Universal design, ie technology and products that work for all citizens;

• Accessibility / inclusion;

• Global user experience

On this day, meetings, conferences and visits to companies, among other initiatives, take place in around 30 countries, including Portugal.

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